Cheyenne Picardo


Cheyenne Picardo received her BA in Film Studies and Creative Writing from Columbia College, determined to be a film critic and theorist. Then she fell in love with editing and documenting self-described freaks of the New York performance scene, eventually earning her MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts. Just before grad school, Picardo took the job that inspired her first feature film REMEDY, that of a pro-switch (dominatrix/submissive) at a commercial dungeon in New York City. Her focus recently has been using subjective storytelling techniques to explore sexuality, gender, mental health, memory, and marginalization. Her recent work includes Bob the Drag Queen’s Suspiciously Large Woman and Bob’s upcoming docu-comedy special A Queen for the People. She is also producing and directing Her Next Mission, an episodic political procedural documentary for LGBT streaming site Revry. This ambitious project will follow Alexandra Chandler as she leaves the intelligence community and runs for Congress; if elected she will be the first openly transgender woman to serve in the House of Representatives.

In her limited spare time, Picardo also co-hosts a podcast about media portrayals of urban life in the 1970s called Terrific City with journalist Melissa Gira Grant. The first season, a response to the HBO series The Deuce, just wrapped in November. She hopes to harness the power of the mass-media’s influence over culture to destroy outdated and dangerous tropes. In short, she is committed as a filmmaker and film educator to dismantling the destructive legacy of the Hays Code, one frame at a time.