Honey Davenport

Proud to shoot a number of videos for Honey Davenport’s visual album raw and unfiltered.

Anything You Can Do

Filmed at the Youtube Studios. Always make sure to remind a drag queen to not wear green eye shadow when shooting against a green screen.

Her Next Mission

This is first teaser trailer for my feature documentary (or possibly a docu-series) Her Next Mission, about Alexandra Chandler, who after 13 years working as a senior analyst at the Office of Naval Intelligence, decides to run for an open Congressional seat...

Drag Roast of Heklina

No-holds-barred roast of one of San Francisco’s favorite larger-than-life drag personalities, the one and only Heklina-aka Stefan Grygelko. This Revry Original special features such roasters as Jackie Beat, Julie Brown (Clueless), Peaches Christ, Sister Roma,...

The Timewasters

When I finished REMEDY, I had some regrets that I couldn’t fit in more of the light and absurd moments of the commercial fetish industry. “Timewasters” is a tribute to the hours spent waiting in lounges for clients who will never show up. While it may not make for...